GeekSprech(EN) Podcast Episode 85 – Security now and then

GeekSprech(EN) Podcast Episode 85 – Security now and then

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In this week’s episode of the #GeekSprech #Podcast, I had the honor of welcoming Tim McCreight, a former colleague of mine and a #Security expert with more years of experience than I can think of! 😊

Tune in and listen to the journey of this security expert, gain interesting insights, and explore observations related to the current situation.

The episode is available now on all platforms. 🎧🔒

So enjoy the show …


Tim McCreight is the Vice President for Apollo Information Systems Canada and was the ASIS President for 2023.  He is an accomplished security professional with experience in both the physical and cyber realms.  Over his 40+ year career, he has held executive leadership roles throughout North America, developing risk based, business focused enterprise security programs.  

Tim has obtained his CISA, CISSP and CPP security designations.  He’s also earned his Master of Science in Security Risk Management (with Merit) from Leicester University.

He has presented at conferences around the world, speaking on topics ranging from telecommunications fraud, to developing security programs based on the principles of Enterprise Security Risk Management (or ESRM).

Tim is a regular contributor to Canadian Security Magazine, and co-hosts the podcast “Caffeinated Risk”, a monthly podcast for security professionals, by security professionals. 

If you want to know more about Tim visit his online profile:


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